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Leo Lucero

First of all I want to thank God for all the blessings I have been receiving, he loves me too much. I was born and raised in the four corners so fishing, hunting, and partying were all part of my growing up.

Let’s not forget working on the rigs, hustling drugs, and making it to my home away from home four times (New Mexico Department of Corrections). Over half of my live has been given to the state, so after my last vacation down south I finally said “Here God I’m sick of this life , please come take me home” meaning the world had gotten me soo bummed and heartbroken that I would rather be dead.

The voices were tormenting me daily to the point where I was wearing ear plugs the whole time I was home. This was the only way I could function around my family, and not think they were the ones messing with my mind, after all I wanted to severely hurt whoever it was that would not leave me alone.

It’s hard being a fulltime college student with an alcohol and drug problem, and to be on probation at the same time. I knew something had to give; thank God it was my mind and not my faith in him.

That was the frame of mind I was in two years ago, who would of ever thought that in 2012 I would be a fulltime college student, sober, working for the government and on parole, most importantly I have GOD in my life, and this time he is not a faraway GOD. Why? Because he loves me too much!

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